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Boyeeghter Bay

Boyeeghter Strand

For me, Boyeeghter Strand on the Rosguill Peninsula is the most spectacular beach in Ireland. When I visited the beach for the first time, it was only known to locals and was still considered a real hidden gem by photographers.


Today, many years later, it is very easy to find out the exact location of the beach on the web. This has attracted more and more visitors to Boyeeghter Strand in recent years. Understandable on the one hand, problematic on the other. This is because the footpath to the beach leads across an active farm. Litter left behind, blocked roads (there are no parking lots) and apparently also dogs brought along by visitors caused the owners of the farm to prohibit the crossing.


Unfortunately, such developments are not unusual and make me think. In my “Wild Atlantic Way” illustrated book from 2015, I published the photograph shown here along with the coordinates of the beach. I wouldn’t do the latter nowadays anymore.