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Priest's Leap

Priest’s Leap

The Priest’s Leap pass is a challenging drive as it is a steep single lane track that leads through the Caha Mountains. Only few people take this road and it is a place of silence. When you made it to the top it is simply rewarding and breathtaking. Here you will find a rock with the simple cross on it that reminds of a local legend: A priest being pursued by english soldiers jumped off with horse and landed some miles away in Bantry. The escape of the priest, incidentally, was successful and the pass had its name: Priets’s Leap.


Glengariff School

© Foto: Glengariff School

My photo of Priest’s Leap was used for a school fundraiser calendar for the local school in Glengarriff. The calendar got many stories of local history in it and every sale supports the local school in Glengarriff. It is available in all local shops in Glengarriff, also in Bantry Bookshop and Fasnet Stationary Shop in Bantry. If you can’t get a copy locally you can email and order a copy at (payment via PayPal or Revolut plus postage costs).