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Thanks to my grandfather’s old camera, I became interested in photography many years ago. Over the years, initial fascination turned into a passion that continues to grow until today.


After my photography studies at the Lazi Academy in Esslingen (Germany), I worked for some time as a photo assistant. A time in which I became familiar with the technical skills of photography. At the same time I was intensively engaged in artistic aspects such as composition and lighting.


In 1992 I traveled to Ireland for the first time. Four intensive weeks led me across this fascinating island, whose natural scenic beauty made a great impact on me. I was just in my early 20s when I discovered my destiny in landscape photography back then in Ireland. An activity in which creativity, nature experience and travel can be combined so perfectly.

Over the past 25 years, I travelled all over Ireland again and again and worked on my photography style. Even after switching from film to digital cameras, I kept proven photographic techniques and at the same time became familiar with the potential of digital post-processing. But technique is only one aspect. More important is the timing of a photograph. Over the years, I completely changed my travel habits. Now, I am usually on the road at times when the new day is coming or the old one is saying good-bye. Then nature presents itself from its most beautiful side.

Over the past decades, many of my photographs have been published in a wide variety of publications such as magazines, calendars and illustrated books. My two illustrated books “Wild Atlantic Way” and “Ireland’s East Coast” were important milestones in my artistic work. Thanks to successful crowdfunding campaigns, I enjoyed the creative freedom to produce them completely according to my imagination. I also enjoy this freedom in the production of my self-published Ireland panorama calendar since 2010 – my annual showcase, so to say.

For some years now, I have been sharing my fascination for photography with the participants of my photo tours. These take us in small groups to outstanding photo locations in Ireland. During this photo training, a lot of photographic know-how is transferred and intensively exercised. But also getting to know the country and its people is an important part of the experience, so that the concept can be described as an Irish photo break.