Inspired by Landscapes

Ireland 2022 Calendar

Get inspired and enchanted by the fascinating natural beauty of Ireland throughout the year with the Ireland Calendar 2022. You can pre-order the popular panoramic calendar now.

Ireland Prints

In my online store you will find a large selection of images of Ireland and Northern Ireland. These are available as high quality photo prints, canvas prints or behind acrylic glass.

Landscape Photography

The main focus of my work as a landscape photographer for many years has been Ireland. My portfolio also includes photographs from the Black Forest and England & Wales.

Ireland Photo Workshops

My photo workshops in Ireland can be organized as a one-to-one tuition or for small group. The workshops are suitable for beginners as well as advanced photographers.

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Ireland 2020 Calendar

My Ireland 2022 Calendar (german edition) is available in my online shop and everywhere in German bookstores now.  

Ireland Calendar 2022 printed

Yesterday my new Ireland 2022 Calendar was printed by the printing company Habé Offset GmbH in Emmendingen. I’m super happy with the …