Ireland Books & Calendars

Discover my Ireland calendars and Ireland illustrated books.

Ireland Calendars

My Ireland calendars have been published since 2010 and have become very popular. The large-format panoramic calendar is, so to speak, the flagship of my work and presents selected photographs of my Ireland portfolio year after year. A characteristic of my Ireland calendars is that they feature scenes that are taken off the beaten track. Thus, the calendars provide varied images to enjoy and guarantee a plenty of Ireland-feeling for your home.


Ireland illustrated books

My two Ireland illustrated books “Wild Atlantic Way” (2015) and “Ireland’s East Coast” (2017) are thematically seamlessly linked to each other and are understood as a visual tour around Ireland all along the coast. While the “Wild Atlantic Way” book shows the Irish west coast in all its glory, “Ireland’s East Coast” also covers large parts of the south of the Republic of Ireland as well as the coast of Northern Ireland. Both illustrated books are 300 pages each and are also available in premium or deluxe versions.