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Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday

50 years ago today, a massacre took place in Derry, Northern Ireland, which went down in history as ‘Bloody Sunday’. That day, soldiers of the British army opened fire against protesters who were standing up for civil rights and against internments without trial. 13 people were shot dead on the streets of Derry on 30 January 1972 and another later died from his injuries. Some of the victims were killed as they fled from the soldiers, others were shot as they tried to help the wounded. It was a dark day that changed Northern Ireland and significantly contributed to the escalation of the Northern Ireland conflict.


‘There’s many lost, but tell me who has won?’
U2 – Sunday, Bloody Sunday


The mural shown here portrays the 14 victims of Bloody Sunday. Surrounding the portraits are 14 oak leaves, one for each of the victims. Derry derives from the Irish word ‚Doire’, meaning oak grove. The highly symbolic mural was completed in 1999 by the artist group ‘The Bogside Artists‘.