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Ireland 2017 Calendar

Newgrange – from the Ireland 2017 Calendar

My photo of Newgrange – it’s the February image of my Ireland 2017 calendar – was taken one nice evening in June. While I found this majestic hill in a wonderful evening light I was suddenly surrounded by Garda checking the fields with a dog on a leash. We had a nice chat about what I was doing here but in the end I was asked to indentify myself. It was somewhat unreal being asked to show my passport in the middle of nowhere. But I was then informed that a certain man called Joe Biden, vice president of the USA, was expected to visit Newgrange next morning. Good choice Mr. Biden! So Garda checked the surroundings and obviously a guy climbing fences and lying in the gras was very suspicious…


The most important prehistoric landscape in Ireland is Brú na Bóinne with it’s three large passage tombs Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth, that are said to be older than the pyramids of Egypt.