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Ireland 2017 Calendar

Clontygora Court Tomb – from the Ireland 2017 Calendar

The March image of my Ireland 2017 Calendar shows the Court Tomb of Clontygora in the borderlands between Northern Ireland and Ireland. Last June I crossed this place a few times on the way to the nearby Flagstaff viewpoint. From there, you have a fantastic view of Carlingford Lough, beautiful nestled between the Cooley Mountains and Mourne Mountains.


On the morning I shot this photo the landscape was dipped into a real magical light. So I stopped several times on the way to Flagstaff – among others at the Clontygora Court Tomb. One of the advantages of photo tours in the early morning hours is that you can just leave your car on the road because there is no one passing by anyway (there is no parking space here). In addition to photographic aspects such as high contrasts in the morning light, another important thing for me is, that places such as this megalithic tomb seem to be completely unspoiled and I can very easily connect to the aura of such places.