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Ireland 2014 Calendar

Panoramic Ireland Calendar, 62 x 31 cm

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Up to now Ireland has retained much of its originality. A special magic lies over the Irish landscape. This calendar captures the magnificent charm and the natural integral beauty of the country.

The large scenic pictures (62×31 cm) reflect the picturesque bays, the romantic coastline, the lush green meadows, the majestic hill and mountain formations, the imposing ruins and castles and the quaint, dreamlike villages. This calendar is a homage to all of the above and more – all that represents Ireland/Eire.


Ireland 2014 Calendar details:

Title: IRELAND 2014
Subtitle: Panoramic Ireland calendar
Author: Stefan Schnebelt
ISBN: 978-3-9813545-4-6
Pages: 12 Pages
Dimensions: 62 x 31 cm
Language: German