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What do beautiful nature and photographers’ rights have in common?

Finding the answer to this question did not take me long. Both should be protected! Once I discovered my images are getting stolen online, I realized I need to find a way to stop it. Thankfully, my path crossed with PhotoClaim.


It all started with “Wild Atlantic Way” – an illustrated book that I published with a corresponding website. It didn’t take me long to realize that many images of this project where stolen and used by others without my permission. Such a discovery made me first upset, then willing to take the fate into my own hands. I started in a gentle way by simply contacting the infringers and trying to discuss the matters. But convincing people to delete stolen pictures from their website turned out not to have been a piece of cake. Soon I found these unfruitful talks annoying. I decided to seek help and looked for professional services for photographers. PhotoClaim was high on the list of my findings, but I also signed up with Pixy and Image Rights to extensively test them.


“Why PhotoClaim”, you may ask. I bet you might have come across other companies providing similar service. Where others provided automated workflows, PhotoClaim offered personal touch and the opportunity to deal with real people. They were also the most successful with my copyright infringement cases and delivered the results I was hoping for while other didn’t.


One of the coolest things about PhotoClaim is that they do not bring cases to court right away. Thanks to that the cost of their service is lower. They monitor photographers’ portfolios for free and charge a percentage only when a case is won. If a lawsuit is necessary, they always ask for permission to proceed first. All the important actions are always consulted before they are taken. Should you have any doubts, you can read a simple comparison of their service with the competitors’ offer here.




“As a company created by a photographer for photographers, we understand your needs” is not just a marketing slogan. They do! The team constitutes of creative and ambitious professionals who deliver excellent service. Every new photographer who signs up with PhotoClaim receives their Case Manager who first guides him/her through the entire process and then keeps updated on the process of gaining the money back from the copyrights. The process of registration is super easy. All you have to do is fill this very short form. Then wait for the message with further instructions to arrive.


It has already been 3 years since I started the cooperation with PhotoClaim. Since then, instead of chasing image thieves, I have been focused on taking pictures. All I had to do was to check my mailbox regularly.
I might say straight away is that the decision of working with PhotoClaim had a strong and positive influence on my professional career. Getting paid for your work does matter, undeniably. But another crucial aspect is taking an active stand in the fight against image theft. Feeling that you contribute to a big, important matter is priceless.


All photos and graphics in this article provided by PhotoClaim.