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Cushendun in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

Way downhill

Inspiration against cabin fever:


Way downhill
Imagine that you’re walking along this way…


Not always when things go “downwards” it must be something bad. Sometimes completely new perspectives and viewpoints open up. Okay, I am basically writing about this photo that shows the surroundings of the village of Cushendun on the Antrim coast in Northern Ireland. Bit in these days we also encounter a lot of truth in this observation in our everyday life. Right now we all move a little bit closer together and take time for each other. That is a good thing. Billionaire businesses turn out to be social parasites by suspending rent payments. That’s also a good thing and will affect future purchasing decisions. But I do digress. The path in the photo leads down to Torr Head Scenic Drive, which in my opinion is the most beautiful back road on the Emerald Isle.