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Uragh Stone Circle

Uragh Stone Circle

When magic happens in a mystical place and you have your camera ready, you’re in seventh heaven as a photographer. At least that’s what happened to me when I took this shot of the Uragh Stone Circle. It was a shot that could never have been planned.


The photograph had to be taken in a hurry, as rainbows disappear as quickly as they appear – especially complete rainbows. I decided to shoot from a position where the rainbow visually ends at the stone circle. The decision was obvious, as stories about Leprechauns teach us that the magical part of the rainbow is at its end. The alternative would have been a position where the stone circle is in the middle below the rainbow.


What the photograph does not show, by the way, is the condition of the photographer and equipment. Two intensive “full washes” were the stakes for this shot. But what won’t you do for a little magic…?

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