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White Strand auf Great Blasket Island, Co. Kerry, Irland

Faraway, so close…

This photo was taken last September at the White Strand on the Great Blasket Island. The passage to the island was pure fun on the day of my last visit due to the perfect weather. On stormy days, however, the Blaskets are cut off the mainland.


Tomás Ó Criomthain who spent his whole life on the island wrote about it on in his autobiography “An t-Oileánach” (The Islandman, 1929): “This is a crag in the midst of the great sea, and again and again the blown surf drives right over it before the violence of the wind, so that you daren’t put your head out any more than a rabbit that crouches in his burrow in Inishvikillaun when the rain and the salt spume are flying…”