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Fairy Tree in the Cooley Mountains, Co. Louth, Ireland

A Fairy Tree

The Cooley Mountains in County Louth are rich of some very notable places. For example, this fairy tree against the backdrop of the Mourne Mountains. When we came here a crow flew up and away, adding a flair of mysticism to the scenery. But as we heard the legend of this place later on, this experience became a very different meaning.


The story is about the “Crow of Omeath”. This tells the story of a crowd of leprechauns, who were on their way to the place shown in the photo. They wanted to dance with the fairies that live here. Along the way they passed the house of an old witch who annoyed them with asking the same question again and again. The Leprechauns got angry, cast a spell on the old woman and turned her into a crow. Since then, the old woman sits (in the shape of a crow) up here in the Cooley Mountains.


Who knows, probably we nearly encountered the witch here…