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Festival of the Fires - Bealtaine - Hill of Uisneach

Festival Of The Fires

On April 30th to May 1st this year’s Festival of the Fires was held at the Hill of Uisneach in County Westmeath. The festival continues the tradition of ancient celtic Bealtaine celebration. In this starry night on the Hill of Uisneach it could be well seen how deeply rooted this celtic fire ceremony still is in Ireland’s tradition as some other bonfires lit up on the surrounding hills.


The festival mixed ancient traditions with a modern music festival – fascinating for the young and old. Different bands played on several stages throughout the day. On a guided tour you could learn about the history of the Hill of Uisneach and many opportunities were offered to experience celtic customs and spirituality. The festivals highlight started around 9:30 PM when the Fire Parade went up to the highest point of the Hill of Uisneach to spark off a huge bonfire.