Irlands Ostküste

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German edition of the illustrated book “Irlands Ostküste”


Irelands east coast has many faces – impressive landscapes, solitary oases of pristine nature, mysterious antiquities and idyllic harbours attract visitors and form a sharp contrast to the hustle and bustle of the urban centres in the east of the green island. Photographer Stefan Schnebelt paints a fascinating mosaic with his atmospheric photographs of the diverse coastal landscapes between the Celtic Sea and the Causeway Coast. Loaded with numerous panoramic images the visual journey takes you through the different regions of breathtaking beauty and magical appeal.


“Irlands Ostküste” product information:
Title:Irlands Ostküste
Author: Stefan Schnebelt
ISBN: 978-3-7843-5521-4
Pages: 300 pages
Dimensions: 31 x 22 cm
Language: German
Technique: Hardcover edition

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