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    My interest in photography was sparked by an old camera belonging to my grandfather. My initial curiosity gradually developed over the years to a fascination about all aspects of photography and this enthusiasm has continued up to the present day.


    After completing my photo design studies in the Lazi academy in Esslingen I worked as an assistant to a photographer. During this time I became more and more familiar with the technical ins and outs of photography while at the same time getting a feel for the artistic nuances of composition and lighting.

    Stefan Schnebelt

    My first visit to Ireland was in 1992. In my four weeks travelling around the country I was overwhelmed by the scenery and the natural beauty of the island. I instantly wanted to grab a camera and capture these impressions. Thus my interest in landscape and panorama photography was awakened and I was able to combine my interests – creativity, experiencing nature and travelling.


    In the last 25 years I travelled to Ireland again and again and constantly worked on improving my photography skills. After changing from film to digital photography I kept the tried and tested methods of photography but began simultaneously to develop the best possible processing of digital photos in order to achieve the perfect picture.


    The technical side is one aspect but I realised the timing of the shots is much more important. I actually changed my daily routine. Now I prefer dawn – to capture the onset of the evening. These subtle changes are amazing. These are picture perfect moments.

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